NOF has commenced action towards the lifting of the hope of less privileged Nigerians, especially those in Imo State. The foundation, renowned for several humanitarian works has since its inception supported the orphans, the less privileged, the widows and the vulnerable across Nigeria.

This is why its founder, Mrs Nwaoma Ukachukwu. In her wisdom and usual philanthropic disposition, thought it wise to commence the construction of a massive less privileged home in Owerri, the Imo State capital, to take thousands of Imolites from the streets and to give them a renewed hope.

Speaking with Nwaoma, a model and humanitarian worker, she disclosed that she decided to embark on the project of putting up the less privileged home because God directed her to do so. According to her, “This idea came from a vision I had. God revealed to me that his people are suffering, and they need benevolent people to bail them out.

“Our target is to lift at least 10,000 people out of poverty in Imo State and other nearby states. This is in line with the message I got from God, and we will achieve it. But the project is a big one, and we will need the support of well-meaning individuals who are moved or touched by this effort.

Nwaoma disclosed that the girl-child is a core focus of the organization and that the less privileged home currently under construction will house many of them, and will as well reserve a place for their education and constant sensitization. “These girls are brutalized. They are wounded and have been made to see themselves as nothing. We need to revive their hopes. They are dead, but we want them back alive,‘’ she said.
She lamented the level of deprivation faced by the girl-child in Africa and Nigeria in particular, saying that cases of rape and other abuses were becoming too rampant.

“Our girls need support, and this support can only come from you and me. This is the time. There is no better time.


NOF will work based on the following core humanitarian principles:
- Humanity
- Neutrality
- Impartiality
- Independence.

Although NOF is committed to responding to Humanitarian issues pertaining especially to the girl child in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, we propose to start this phase of our intervention in Imo - a South Eastern state in Nigeria.
2018 studies in the National Bureau of Statistics show that Imo State ranks fourth in states with the highest number of unemployed persons in Nigeria. The implication of this is that many homes are unable to fend for their families health care, educational and even simple hygiene needs. This naturally upraised the rate of child labour and child marriages in the state. The gender most adversely affected is the girl child.
Similarly, the late onset of rains in the region this year (2018) hit a most devastating blow on many communities in Imo. The effect of this year’s flood on poor agrarian communities in Imo is scary. Many people are left homeless and unable to even feed as farmlands are wasted away by floodwater.

As part of our intervention, therefore, NOF will deliver an integrated response addressing multiple urgent needs simultaneously by providing humanitarian assistance in rural communities in Imo State in the form of psychosocial support to those displaced by flood, promotion of menstrual hygiene management in adolescent girls, provision of educational materials and other support to out-of-school children and food items to widows and orphans.


To ensure that girls (especially orphans) affected by poverty in the southeastern state of Imo State have equitable access to inclusive and protective early child development and education opportunities.

Identify and register girls of school age who are vulnerable and out of school.

Established classrooms and provide them with educational materials such as books, uniform, bags, water bottles, pencils, school scandals and school levy for those in communities with the school.

Provide poor girls and their teachers with improved coping mechanisms through relevant life skills, psychological support, health hygiene education and child's right education.

Train volunteers, teachers/facilitators on basic pedagogy and classroom management.

A reasonable number of poor girls will have equitable access to inclusive and protective early child development and education opportunities


Nwa Oma foundation was officially registered in 2017 but before that the founder and vision carrier, Mrs Nwaoma Ukachukwu have been going around showing love and care to people here in Nigeria and outside the country in her way.

The organization is a passionate and problem-solving one just as it is the true nature of the founder, which gives kin and fast response to the educational, health, growth and psycho-social needs of the African Girl child and women, and aimed at improving the lives of the less privileged Girl child and children

In 2019, the Nwa Oma foundation moved to the suburbs of Lagos to spot out those who are so much in need and suffering from different issues and went visiting uncompleted buildings with impressive life potential of families in unpleasant conditions, a primary school in Alpha beach Road Lekki, hospitals and the needy. It was terrific seeing people in horrible living condition with a lack of support.

The foundation in her way was able to wire commodities, for the Women, children and Girl child. Some of the shoes and other items including financial support were given to as many who were present at the event.

NOF stood up for all the children who were born and grow up in extremely poor condition, the helpless, less privileged, homeless, hope were given to the hopeless and those marrying beyond childhood.

NOF took it upon themselves to go to the houses of people who were not opportune to be present at any of those meetings, bringing the good news of hope and sharing gift items to the less privileged and promise to do more.

In 2019, NOF addressed the women at Rhema Deliverance Mission international.
The second phase of the event was supposed to hold around April 2020 but did not hold due to the pandemic/lockdown nationwide as large gathering were not permitted.

NOF also took foods, water and drinks to streets and homes to help out few who were hungry due to the pandemic/lockdown and hardship in the country, during this period, the Nwa Oma foundation started another of her many projects to build a home for the less privileged and homeless to give them a roof over their head in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Nwa Oma foundation is wishing everyone the best of 2021 as she continues the ongoing building project and doing other good deeds through the help of God using you and me to put a smile on the faces of the fewer privileges

For contribution or other inquiries.
Contact Address: Plot 175, Pocket Layout, Amakohia, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
Contact: +234 906 955 7216, +234 813 398 4096

God has bestowed NOF his blessings to be able to bless others and that's exactly what NWA OMA FOUNDATION stands for.



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