Mrs Nwaoma Ukachukwu is the founder and Executive Director of Nwa Oma Foundation.

She hails from Umuduru Nnerem, Ndugba lsu local Government Area, Imo State Nigeria.

The fourth child in a family of eleven, young Nwaoma grew up with her parents in Benin, a City in the South-South region of Nigeria.
Her growing up days was marked with so many eventful experiences which shaped her worldview and ignited in her the altruistic passion towards others.

Nwaoma recalls while growing up that her mother was always taking food stuffs and toiletries to those in need back to her home town in Imo State.

Her mother also regularly gave out cooked food to poor families who lived around the neighborhood where she operated a popular restaurant in Benin City.

Her kitchen was the toast of many in the 90s for reasons bothering on the freshness of the dishes and the charity with which that kitchen was associated with in the Lagos street area of the City.

Groomed in such ambience of charity and hard work, it surprises no one that knows Nwaoma that she would take on the part of sacrificing for others to have a better life.

Nwaoma’s days in school was characterized by a beautiful showing of herself as a sports person.

Her superlative performance in gymnastics earned her a place in the state team but for the conservative nature of her parents who thought it was going to be a distraction to her studies. Nwaoma also ventured into Acting and Modeling while she was in Nigeria before her sojourn to Europe for trainings and business.

Although Nawoma lives abroad, where she operates a clothing line and export and import of commodities.
She is the owner and CEO of “Portrait Unique Investment Ltd.” Nwaoma's food and water supply chain management.

Since starting her working and business life, Nwaoma has done so many charity works.

She among other things saved over two dozens of African migrants who were homeless and at risk of dying from starvation and dehydration.

She helped reposition them back to normal life through provision of food, accommodation and work.

But in 2017, upon consultation with close friends and family members, she decided to formalize her charity efforts by registering a foundation.

Nwaoma is a “vessel”
Her expanded vision to reach out to more people who need help across Africa and beyond is sure to endure.

She is always in Nigeria to monitor and supervise on-going projects pertaining to the foundation.

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